Saturday, October 17, 2009

Well… here it is! I have been promising everyone a recap of our mini vacation to Disney for James’s birthday!!!

A little background on this trip! Back in February I won a 1 Night Stay at the Lake Buena Vista Palace at Downtown Disney and a Dinner up to $120.00 at their The Outback restaurant! Not Outback Steak House with Blooming Onions, but a steakhouse with an Australian feel! I wanted to save this for something special and James’s birthday seemed to be it! I made the reservation for both and also made a reservation at Regal Sun ( formerly Grovsnor ) at DTD for our 2nd night since I got it for such a steal on Priceline. That was we could check in Monday afternoon and lounge around the hotel, go to fancy dinner that night, Check out early Tuesday and spend the whole full day at EPCOT and not have to head home late at night.

Our Room was BEAUTIFUL!! King Size Bed and an AMAZING view of all of Downtown Disney! And the flat screen TV may have been James’s favorite part….I am pretty sure it was!!

Our dinner wasn’t until 6pm and it was only 2ish when we checked in so we just hung around the room and napped and enjoyed not being at home! We went outside so James could have a smoke and wandered around a little bit.

This garden was super cute! And the herbs are fresh picked each day and used at Outback! How cool!!

So we went back inside to get all dolled up for dinner! Like I said we don’t get out often cuz of James working Overnights so we wanted to take advantage of it!!

Awww!! Hubster looked so preppy in his sweater vest and chinos!!!

Continued in my next entry!!!!


  1. Awww love it! Don't you love king size beds? I'm in one right now for work :-) hahaha I love it! xoxox

  2. We have a queen and I tend to push him against the wall now so it was amazing being in a king!! Although I felt bad cuz he slept REALLY close to the edge of the bed!! He is so used to the wall and almost fell off a few times!!! lol

  3. How much would the room at the LBV Palace normally cost you? Sounds like an awesome birthday present to me. ^.^

  4. 119.00 a night on so probably 150 regular.....


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