Friday, October 30, 2009

We were up at 7:30am the next morning to catch the bus from our hotel to EPCOT. We packed up our bags and left them with Bell Services so we could move to the other hotel after the day in the park. Luckily for us when the bus picked us up our hotel was the last stop to pick up and we were on our way to EPCOT!

We got to the gates and had to wait about 45 minutes since we weren’t “on property” guests. It was a nice morning and we enjoyed people watching. People slathering on Sunscreen, mapping out the park, we even saw itineraries marked out to the minute of ways to go!!! I always feel bad for these people. They don’t ever get the freedom to just enjoy since they have to go go go all the time!!! An idea of what to do is fine but a to the minute step by step account just wouldn’t work for me!
We got in the gates and we saw the photo pass guy was taking pictures. So we did some early morning pictures

I don’t like these pictures….

We decided to do Spaceship Earth first since we were right there and it was a walk on! How can you not love this ride? It is such a favorite!! We tried to take pictures of our “future” but they are kind of blurry!

After that we went to Guest Services to get James his new Birthday Button and we figured we would get Anniversary Buttons too since we were about a month away from our November 14th date! We had a CM who was Earning Her Ears write our names for us and she was really cute! We knew that we couldn’t head towards the countries till 11am so we decided to head to Mission Space first. Now… my parents first trip to Florida about 6 years ago we all went to Epcot and we all rode MS. My Dad is a 6’4 230lb former NAVY man who I have never seen cry or hurt in any way. He is a strong guy. He was sick from MS all around to Japan. We ate a pastry in Norway but he couldn’t shake how sick he was till after Japan. I wasn’t doing too hot either that day. And it was then that I vowed never to ride it again!!! I know they have changed it 3 or 4 times since I rode the original experience but I tend to get motion sickness with spinning and circles so I have been on a firm NO WAY train! But it was my Hubster’s special day and he wanted me to ride so I did!! We did the Green side and it wasn’t the worst thing I have ever ridden (hello Caro-Seuss-Sel at Universal Islands of Adventure) but even on the wussy side it wasn’t my thing. I wasn’t too sick when we got off and was very happy to find this shirt in the gift shop!

I LOVE the little green alien from Toy Story!! He is one of my favorites!!
We headed to Test Track next and we did single rider and waited maybe 3 minutes. I rode in a car with a daddy and his 4 little red headed girls, 2 of whom had just ridden with their mommy, The Family was super cute and kept me laughing the whole ride! First Timers always make me smile!!

Once we left Test Track we headed over to look at the big board to see what the wait for Soarin’ was. 90 minutes and we said No Thank You! We love the ride but honestly…. It was ok to skip! James’s favorite ride used to be the old Living Seas and now since they added Nemo to it he has been in deep and hard protest so we skipped that and went to Figment because that was my #1 favorite ride as a little Rora! I LOVED me some Figment and Dreamfinder!!! I am VERY upset that they took Dreamfinder out of Journey into Imagination. He was such a core part of the original ride that it was a downer not to see him.. While the ride is cute and adorable…..they sucked the essence right out of it!!! No Bueno Disney… no Bueno!!! We skipped Honey, I Shrunk the Audience too because if you have seen it once it isn’t worth seeing again for another 10 years….
We headed over to Club Cool to have some free soda and watch the newbies face when they drink the Beverly!! Always fun and free soda is always a good thing!!!

OH! So as James and I start walking we see a botth to sign up for the Kim Possible Challenge and we decide what the hell?? Lets Do It!!! Our tickets told us to arrive in Germany around 12:30 to pick up our Kim-Municator! How Lame are we??
It was past 11 at this point so we started to head towards the World Show Case. We stopped at a vendor to purchase a wrist gift card for the Food and Wine goodies so we didn’t have to keep busting out the Credit Card or cash. We loaded it up and headed towards the yummy smells!!

I held a poll on twitter ( I love you guys and gals) and it seems that out of 13 people 8 people said the go counter clockwise towards Canada first! I have always gone this way. I don’t know why but this is the way my ex-family always used to head so this is the way I do it. PLUS… Ice Wine is in Canada and I NEEDED some!!!!
We headed off counterclockwise and went straight for the Ice Wine station! I got my tush in line with my little card ready! Sure it was 5.75 for a tiny glass but damnit…. It is my favorite and it had been 3 years since I had enjoyed it!! When I got to the lady she said that she couldn’t take a gift card but the lady next to her could! Ok! No problem! You just opened! I understand! I am so excited!! No worries! I go to the woman next to her and she walks away muttering about stupid computers. I stand there for a good 30 seconds and look at James with a sad face. He suggested that we come back on our 2nd trip around and LOUDLY hopefully they will have their shit together…. So I dragged my feet away and moved on with a sad sad face! We made it all the way to Morocco before I saw a Food and Wine Treat I wanted! Sangria!!!

It was Fruity and Sweet and Yummy!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed my first treat!!!
It wasn’t until we got to America that James found something that he wanted to sample! The Chicken & Sausage Gumbo at the New Orleans stand!

OMG! This was AMAZING!! Spicy but not too spicy! Flavorful and DELISH! James had to share with me and I felt bad because there was only one piece of Andoie Sausage in the cup and I got it….Oh well!
Right after the Gumbo James saw the Sam Adams tent and he wanted to try the 14th Anniversary Beer that was made specifically for the Food and Wine Festival. I handed him the card and I ate the rest of his Gumbo *giggle*

Folks…. If you do one thing this Food and Wine festival then PLEASE GET THIS BEER!! I am not a beer drinker AT ALL but I would personally drink an entire keg of this yummyness!! It was sweet but flowery and a lovely color!!! I am madly in love with this beer! I WISH they had it to sell at stores!!!
So after we left the good ole USA we head towards Germany to pick up our Kim-Unicator and we were told that we were needed in Japan first. Well we were in the opposite direction so we decided to do the challenge on our 2nd trip around!

We found our next yummy treat at South Africa! We got the BBQ Braised Tenderloin with Sweet Potato Mash!

DELISH!!! The whole dish was yummy! The sauce on the beef made the whole dish! The beef was a bit rare for me but we both really liked this one too!!! So Far So Good on our choices!!
Next we hit China and had to have some pot stickers!!! I LOVE a good dumpling /pot sticker!

Well…. These taste just like the ones we used to buy at Wal-Mart and make in the microwave… not good at all…disappointing but those are the chances we take!!!
We headed towards Norway and just past Norway we saw the Poland stand which meant PIROGUES AND KIELBASA!!!! This is one of our F&W traditions!!! We love us some pirogues in the Moore Household!

LOOK!! The Sour cream is in a Mickey head ( I may have smooshed it by accident)! It was so delish!!!! The onions were a bit cold but the pirogue was hot inside and out and the kielbasa had great flavor! Perfect! Cant go wrong with potato filled pasta!! Really you can’t!!! The only disappointing part was that it tasted just like Mrs.T’s Pirogues that you can buy at Wal-Mart….... But still worth a Munch!!
At this point we are almost back around to the entrance of Future World which means what??? CANADA AND ICE WINE BABY!!!!

Perfectly Sweet... I am MADLY in love with ice wine and if I could have afforded it I would have gone home with a bottle! But at over 70 bucks a bottle... that really isn't economically feesable for this brown girly!!!

Ok! So in my next post I will tell you about our second adventure around Future world! Involving Kidcot Masks and Kim-Municators and an AMAZING lunch in Germany!!!


  1. haaaa!! u rode with creepy ginger kids!

  2. LMAO!!! I KNOW!!! They were relly cute though! They wernt too too creepy!!!

  3. It has been recommended to go left at all the parks except AK (and any other venue with a large crowd) because most people are right-handed and will naturally head right or clockwise. Your non-ex family goes counter because Daddy is left-handed, of course... :D

    Mom again


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