Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Dining Room was very pretty! Dark and private in a good way!!!! There was a pond with CHUBBY Koi in i!! *name the movie for a high five*

We sat and 3 different servers came over to tend to our every need *giggle*! We ordered Drinks

Absolut Collins For me and Gin & Tonic for the Birthday Princess
We decided to be adventurous and order a funky appetizer so we Ordered the Kangaroo Kebobs

I am NOT an adventurous eater in the slightest but figured when in my life would I ever be able to eat something like this?
This was not my thing……it was very “Gamey” which in man speak means earthy. The flavor was fine until it hit the back of my tongue and it tasted like dirty and leaves. I understand that it should due to what it eats and where it comes from but it wasn’t for me! I bravely ate one kebab with Pineapple and Red Onion and told James he was welcome to the rest of it! I am proud of trying but wont be ordering this again!
With James’s dinner he got a Shrimp Cocktail for an app and he said they were FANTASTIC!

While we were munching our apps they came around with Bread and butter! The rolls were a Tri dough that was White, Wheat and Spicy Date all baked together in a Muffin Shape! Very Yummy!!! And the Butter….

WAS IN THE SHAPE OF A CROCADILE!! HOW CUTE!!! I tried to take a pic on the plate but the white on white was killing it totally! This was the best I could do! James laughed at me to putting it on the table cloth but I couldn’t help but love it!!!

They also gave us these home made fried potato chips and onion pieces!! SO YUMMY and way better then anything in a can!!! Perfectly Seasoned and crispy but not too crispy!!!
Both of our dinners came with Salads!

Mixed Greens and Ranch for me

Caesar and my Tomatoes for James
Good but my mixed greens were VERY bitter so I just kind of munched….
Dinner for me was the Mojo Skirt Steak done Medium with outback rice and Pico

DELISH!!!!! I picked off the big Tomatoes and mixed the rest together! The rice was a yellow rice with beans and mushrooms. After I picked out the tomatoes it was FANTASTIC!!! Flavorful and delish!! The Beef was tender and perfectly cooked!! I thoroughly enjoyed the dish!
James got the Aussie BBQ Chicken with Spinach fondue in a deep filo cup

While I didn’t try the Spinach Fondue, I Saw the rapture on my husbands face and it must have been orgasmic! He tore through that thing with a vengeance! His chicken was out of this world! Very tender and moist and the sauce was smoky and citrusy and tangy!! You can see the tomatoes that I shared!! That’s love people…. Sharing is caring!!
James’s dinner came with Key Lime Pie

And mine came with Crème Brulee

And Because they knew it was James’s Birthday……

James’s Pie was FANTASTIC and it is his favorite so he was a happy birthday boy!! My Crème Brule was nasty…. I hate saying that but it was a cold Brule and it was made wait Grand Marnie and was WAY TOO SWEET!!! The fruit went well with it but again… wayyyyyyy toooooo sweetest! I ate half-ish. I pushed most of it away. And his birthday Cheese cake was YUCKTASTIC!!! We didn’t enjoy it at all… it was given to my brother and his girlfriend later that night!

After dinner we went and changed back to normal clothes and went to walk around Downtown Disney. I didn’t take any pictures while walking because we were just enjoying the walk and chatting which we don’t do much… lol We watched the Fantasy In Flight Balloon take off 400 times and the Crowd show up for the “Non” Pleasure Island dance party. It is really lame there now…. Honestly… I remember FOND memories of that place and now it is mall…. Shopping and shopping and shopping… LAME!!!! One area that Disney has disappointed me in is Pleasure Island! After walking down to West Side we walked back and headed back to the hotel to watch some tv and turn in early for a 730am wake up to catch an 830am bus for EPCOT!!! Continued in my next posty post!!!!


  1. What restaurant was this? My parents live in the Orlando area and they love good food :)

  2. This is the Outback at Lake Buena Vista Palace. SUPER YUMMY!! Kinda Pricy but really good food!!!!

  3. Thanks :) I'll let them know!


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