Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Gig!!

So, As you all know I love to read! Or if you are new here, I LOVE to read! I have always been a big reader. I remember being that kid in the summer who would take out like 40 books at a time from the library and winning contests :) Yeah... I was the one who would stay under her covers with a flashlight book reading every single night. I still do but now I lay in bed and read on my Kindle for Android app since my Beloved Kindle Touch ( His Name IS Bernard) Doesn't have a light! I switch between the too daily and actually spent tonight organizing all 605 books I have on him into nice neat little folders! WOW Aurora, This is SOOOOOOOOOOOO interesting! I know, you are jealous of the obviously BOMB Life I lead! It's OK... I get it a lot! My POINT in all of this is that I have a new gig on the interwebs!!! I am a reviewer over at

One of my most favorite Disney Mommies Shari runs the site and she was always treating me to recommendations and books! When she was asking for help I figured Why Not? I'm Mouthy and have opinions for days, I will make a great book reviewer! So Please, if you enjoy some hot and sassy romance/erotica books then come visit us at Delighted Reader
I try and make sure I update what I am reading on  and let people know what is on tap for me next.
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  1. Wooooohoooo! My snarky Mocha Princess is giving me some great book reviews! Thank you for joining my team!


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