Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Guess Who's Back... Back Again...


Hey Hey Hey!!!! Do you see how ADORABLE I am now??? I got the best make over from my girl Kelsey !! She hooked a mocha sister up! She re did my chubby cheeked logo and back ground and header! And I love it! Ladies and Gents... if You have any needs for a makeover, head over to N3rdGrl.com and talk to her! I owe her all sorts of Nautical and Disney Swag... and perhaps some Nautical Disney Swag ;) 

Since I have been gone all sorts of fun things have been happening in my kingdom! Lets have a recap! 
Very Picture Heavy so if you don't have the time, come visit Later :)

Shelley and I were on a boat! And we got yelled at while on the boat but damn did we have fun!

Epic October 2 happened, And I spent the whole time with my Husband, just the way I wanted to. Didn't get involved in any drama, just did our own thing!
yes I wore Yoga Pants to the park that night... say something! 

Went to Miami on my first Train Adventure for Nicole's wedding! So much fun! 

Made Hello Kitty Duct Tape Wallets with two of my favorite people and my MOST FAVORITE 5 Year Old! Shelley, Me, Gail and #ZoeTastic
so easy and So much fun! 

Made an AWESOME Sage and Orange Turkey for Thanksgiving!
We Called her Princess Turkey Pants!

Christmas was spent with Friends! We ate a lot of food and had some Hanukkah  fun too!!!!! 

NYE Was spent with my Teavana People and Whipped Cream Vodka, Rum soaked Gummy Bears, and Adorable Pug and holding back a friend's hair! Good Times! 

mix it with Cream Soda and you will have to get someone to hold back your hair...

January 22 was my BIRTHDAY!!! Spent the time at Disney with my amazing friends and Hubster! 

I do Love me Some Disney Birthday Shenanigans!!!!!

For Valentine's Day me and Hubster had a Date Day.. at DISNEY! Duh! Fried Chicken and Waffle and Disney :) That is what keeps a marriage together! 

( I made him get a hair cut after these days... it was too Slicked Back Hawaii 5-0 for me)

February brought us Two events. #Disney24 and Princess Half Marathon weekend. For Leap Year, Disney World and Disneyland celebrated by staying up for 24 hours total... 6am-6am. I had friends who did the whole 24. I only did 14 but that was PLENTY!! And we had friends/family running the Family 5K and Princess Half so we VoluntEARed and had a blast as always! 

 This was SO YUMMY at 5 am.... oh lordy...

This was amazing to see... the morning Fog rising over the Castle...
 My Favorite Captain in a Tutu!! 

 The Slaggin Waggin :) and it will sweep you if you don't keep a 16 minute mile!!!! 
The Bling! It is what these People Race for! 

March brought us the 25th Anniversary of the Disney Store! We Went to the celebration to get our special Ears! 

Well, we are halfway thru April and I will save that for another update! 
I am going thru a lot of changes this month and can not wait to tell you all about them! I have some fun giveaways lined up and now that I have a festive and pretty blog again, I wont be straying too far (fingers crossed)!
Thanks for sitting thru this VERY long post! lol!!!
Leave me some love!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Glad I was UP at 2:30 AM on a work night to see this!!! I love it Mocha!!!!


    ...and you already know how much I absolutely adore YOU! XOXO

  2. Glad to see you are back ^.^ I have been so out of the loop since I moved to Jax, and our move date got pushed back to December >.< Can't wait to get back down there and hangout again.

  3. Lots to catch up on! Looks great!

  4. Welcome back to the bloggy world. I miss you, we need to hang out soon!!

  5. Welcome back to the wonderful world of blogging! I miss you!

  6. Yay!!! Glad to "see" you and catch up!!! Hope to see you soon!!!


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