Thursday, April 26, 2012

a MARVELous Avengers Giveaway

OK so I just got home from being fortunate enough to see a Media Preview of Marvel's The Avengers and all I have to say is WOW !!!!!!

I am NOT a comic book girl. I love my X-Men but, I can honestly say that I have NEVER read a single comic book!
 ( Unless Archie and Veronica count because that was always a treat when I was a kid and sick)
I did see Thor and I saw One of the Hulks ( the one with Edward Norton YUMMY) but have not seen any of the Iron Men or Captain America and I could follow this movie with little direction from my brother! 

The men.... oh the men....
The action was AMAZING!
The Clarity was GLORIOUS!
I Loved EVERY minute of it!

I don't want to post any spoilers because the majority of people wont get to see it for a few weeks but suffice it to say that I will be PAYING to see this on the screen again
Oh Thor... Rock my world with your hammer.... not too fast though, I want to ENJOY IT!
sorry... i had a moment....

Take thee to the closest cineplex and see this movie! 

Because I love Thor So much I mean the movie so much I have decided to do a GIVEAWAY!
A MARVELous Avengers Giveaway none the less ;) 
( you can thank Hubster for the lameness)
I have a Fun Gift combo! 
How about a T shirt
And a Set of Fun Buttons
And a GROOVY pair of Themed 3D Glasses!

I am using Rafflecopter for this giveaway so just follow the directions below!!!!
Good Luck and RUN to see this Man I mean Movie!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I'm not a big comic book fan either, but I'm really excited to see this me some Robert Downey Jr. :)

  2. You are so funny...posted it on fb for you too. :) Sounds like had a great time sister...

  3. We have huge comic book fans in my house and everyone can't wait to see this movie! LoL... and even I think the glasses are pretty dern cool. Thanks for running this contest!

  4. Iron Man!!! Love Robert Downey Jr!

  5. Can't wait to see this. Thor rules, verily!

  6. I really loved Iron Man and I haven't seen any of the others even if I do own Captain America. I'm nota marvel girl, I'm more of a DC Comics girl because Batman is my jam, def going to give this a watch though, looks really good!

  7. Iron Man!

    breej23 at hotmail dot com

  8. The X-Men are my favorite super heroes but I'm SUPER DUPER stoked for the Avengers movie!!!! I guess Iron Man (based on the movies) is my favorite Avenger. Captain America is close 2nd. Thor is awesome because he's so powerful.

  9. I love Thor and his huge....hammer,yes, hammer.

    1. His very large and heavy and thick.... hammer!

  10. Shiny glasses ooh

  11. Iron Man has always been my favorite marvel character from the get go; RD Jr is amazing as stark.

  12. Going to have be either Thor or Captain America!

  13. So, unlike you ;P, I have seen all of the Marvel movies in this series and my ranking of the films from favorite to no so much is as follows: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man 2 and then the Incredible Hulk. I have never read a comic book, but I'd say RDJ as Tony Stark with his snarkiness is my favorite, with Chris Evans as Cap at a close second.

  14. Hawkeye and Captain America please, with a side of Thor!!!


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