Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 2

Day 2- The Meaning behind my Blog Name

I am all the things my Blog Says!

Frumpy: James and I are both Frumpy People and we love it :) We are both on the short side and on the fluffy side :) It's just how things are!
Mocha: I am half African America and half Irish American! I'm not black or white. I am a mixture of both leaving me at Mocha :)
Princess: My name is Aurora. Not named after the Princess but still, it is a Princesses name! I am the Only girl on one side of the family and I am the oldest Child/Cousin on both sides of the family by 6 years! I have always been a Princess! Always had pretty dresses and outfits! Purses and Tights! White Gloves and Hair Bows! Spoiled Rotten :P

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