Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 1

Day 1- A Recent Picture of You & tell 15 Interesting Facts about yourself.

1. I LOVE anything Nautical! Our Wedding was Nautical themed and Anything with anchors or Life Preservers calls to me!
2. I love to paint my nails but hate to do its one of those things...
3. I am a hoarder or sorts. I used to be the kind of person who would get something, and save it in case I need it later. Pens, paper, post its, stickers, hair ties, makeup, WHATEVER! Now I am trying to be conscious and USE what I have!
4. I LOVE to research things just for fun. Furries, Mormons & Scientology are three of my favorite topics! I find those three topics to be FULL of information and so interesting!
5. Caffeine Free Pepsi in a can is my weakness!
6. I never thought I would stray from my Beloved Blackberry but since I got my ITouch, I am OBSESSED!!! I am a CUT THROAT Words with Friends player and LOVE to play skee-ball!
7. I LOVE Disney but, I have other interests in my life besides it. While I am at the parks usually a few times a week and am a recently hired cast member, I don't live for Disney.... I LOVE Disney but, it doesn't rule my life.
8. Twitter is more then I ever thought it could be. I'm so happy I took the plunge almost 2 years ago!
9. I was raised in a small ski resort/college town but never really felt like I fit in.... I had friends and I had a life but, it was never my thing.
10. Drives me nuts when people wear Nike Shoes, An Adidas Hat and a Puma Jacket! OYE!
11. I sometimes have to hold myself back from buying little girls toys. My little Ponys, Cabbage Patch Kids ( although if I find an Aurora Doll she is MINE) and things like that.
12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook but sometimes, ordering pizza is SUCH a good option !
13. I dream that I have straight hair every night... in my dreams, I always have long straight hair!
14. I wore my first bra in 3rd grade on picture day wearing a white button down shirt.... BAD choice! I took it off at recess, stuffed it in my snow pants but with everyone walking thru the coat room it fell out and a boy picked it up and was swinging it around the lunch room! Yep..... I wont go into the Got my period for the first time in 6th grade wearing White Stretch Pants sitting Indian style in reading circle story.......
15. My Filter on my mouth doesn't always work.... I am a VERY true friend and if you get on the bad side of me or one of them, i wont hold back! Deal with it! Its who I am :)

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