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So I was contacted by Caitlin at about doing a review a bit before Christmas! I was so excited! I have seen lots of bloggers doing reviews so I was happy to do one of my own! I talked to Hubster about what I should review. He suggested a bed and I told him to get his mind outta the gutter ;) I have seen people doing Pans and Book shelves and kids toys and such. We looked at all of their sites ( all 200 of them!) and Decided on

Oh Yeah kids!!!!
Listen, we are lame boring people! We spend a lot of time lounging around on our floor playing games and watching movies and such so, why not be comfortable while doing it?
So we looked and looked and decided on his and hers non matching Bean Bags!
So we easily placed our order and in about 5 days we had 2 HUGE but very light boxes arrive to the House!

(pardon the mess... I've been working like MAD)
Since Hubs is so Good with a Box cutter he was the model for this photo shoot ;)

OOOOOOOOO Look! Its my Bean Bag!!!!!
Its Purple ;) Don't act like your are shocked!
I Chose the
X Rocker Sweet Spot Plum Vinyl Video Bean Bag! describes it as such
"Share some down time with this cushy video bean bag with a lycra sweet spot for extra comfort. It's perfect for reading, gabbing on the phone, watching TV or just chilling out. Made of durable vinyl and filled with 100% polystyrene beads, this L-shaped chair offers a pocket on each side for your remote, magazines or other supplies. The top handle lets you relocate this convenient and comfortable video bean bag with ease. "
OOOOOOO Look at the pockets :) LOVE those! Perfect place to store the remotes and an extra Carmex :P
My Chair is BEYOND comfortable!!!! I can sit low or high, I can sit sideways or with my legs in front of me! I Love this thing! It is my new favorite!!!!!!!!!!

And as you can see, Hubster's FSU Bean Bag is a Huge Hit As Well!!!!

Thank You to for the opportunity to review some groovy products! PLEASE make sure you visit and check out one of their over 200 stores :) They sell EVERYTHING!!!!!!

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