Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday James

Today is a VERY important day.... it is the Birthday of my FAVORITE frumpy white guy! 
 Our Wedding Day ( 5 Years in November Yo) 
 Special Olympics Volunteering
 Sea World
 Izzo Wedding
 Mathews Wedding
 FROZEN VoluntEARing
 My Birthday a few years ago
 My Prince!
 His Birthday last year! lol he ALMOST held up SSE
 Mick Foley and a Sailor at MNSSHP
 Valentine's Day! 

 Gatorland like a Boss

 The First Day We Met!
 He is MY Daim Firklover!!!
 Crazy Cat Lady and Magnum P.I.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES!!!!! Thank you for putting up with my VAST array of bullshit and loving me no matter what. We aren't perfect but, we are who we are. Without you I am empty and my life is no fun. Happy 34th Birthday Iverson !!!!!! 

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