Monday, October 18, 2010


OK so... i've about had enough!
As you all know I am a bit of a Twitter addict..... I LOVE my Twitter peeps! They are some of my most favorite people! I have had amazing experiences with them and because of them and I would not have it ANY other way! My Tweeps Complete me!


I swear.
I drink.
I dont smoke but My husband does and I have.
I had sex prior to marriage.
Ive engaged in less then legal acts in my life.
I dont WANT to be perfect!
I live my life for me.

I am a Disney Fan!
I am a Janet Jackson Fan!
I am a Seinfeld Fan!
I LOVE kids!
I Love Kevin Smith Movies!
I Love Reading Erotica!

These things make me who I am.
I am not an employee of any of those above things
I am allowed to show my distaste with any of them!

Disney charges WAY too much for tickets & parking
Janet Jackson needs to Stop with Plastic Surgery
I'm Mad Seinfeld went off the air
Impolite kids drive me fucking nuts
Kevin Smith needs to make moore movies
Books are FUCKING expensive!

Do any of those things make me less of a fan?
Does one have anything to do with another?

The last few weeks have been a bit strange. With the Mom's Panel stuff coming out and people being disappointed ( even if they don't want to admit they are when we know they are). My opinion is
"Fuck Them"
If they don't choose you then it is your loss.
Well, one of my friends didn't make it and I tweeted "Fuck Them" to him and he re tweeted it out and got an onslaught of BULLSHIT chastising him for RT-ing a "bad word"
Now, I have a POTTY MOUTH!
I do! I am aware!
I have since I was a teenager!
There are some days when I am proud of the words I form together!
case in point: my favorite swear word amalgamation

THAT is classy right there!

Ok back to the point.....I'm having an issue staying on my train of thought!

Back to having a potty mouth.
I am a grown(ish) woman
If I want to swear I will
As long as it isn't in front of children
As long as it isn't screaming out in a public place
I will do it

But when it comes to
MY Blog
MY Twitter
My Facebook
MY Yahoo Messenger

And if you don't like it then you can unfollow me!
That is the GLORY of Social Media!
If you dont like someone then unfollow them!

The issue was stated that a certain person who I am not a friend of due to other reasons
thinks that anyone who swears is not a "True Disney Fan" and is NOT "Living The Disney Life"

WHO the HELL are you to tell me ( or anyone else) I am not a fan of Disney because I Swear?
WHO THE HELL are you to tell me what kind of life I should or should not be living?
I Live MY life!
Not Yours!
Not Anyone else's!
Get the FUCKING HELL off your high horse and stop judging people!
Nobody needs to judge anyone else
(except when you are wearing skinny jeans and a tube top with knee high boots because um
Who is anyone else to tell someone the degree of "fandom" they have or don't have?

ESPECIALLY someone I saw Use and Abuse and Treat poorly people that were trying to help them! Someone I saw be rude and nasty to people who work at their favorite place. A place they hold in such high regards! Is that being a "good Disney Fan"? Cuz I am pretty sure it IS NOT!
But who am I to say so. All I can do is live my life and surround myself with amazing people who make me a better person!

Which is WHY I have blocked Said person.
I have had this person blocked for a while now. I can't see him and thats how I like it!
Do I judge the people I am close with for being friends with this person?
Because to me that is not being a good friend!
I just have NO desire to be around this person.
I don't see any good in someone who judges others in that way.
And before I get the hate comments let me make something perfectly clear....

Someone who uses an Illness as an excuse to act in this manner is NOT healthy.

in closing I would like to say
Jen you are amazing
Lea you are amazing

DF- You are not my cup of Tea

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