Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mom's Panel

What a crock. Its a popularity contest in the Disney Form. I am taking this time to point out some of the people that Disney passed on this year that I think were a HUGE mistake!!!!! 20,000 people applied and they took 50??? Um Yeah,,,,, ok Guys! We almost believe that you read EVER SINGLE ENTRY! Bah!!! This is in no way shape or form suggesting that the 50 that did advance are not deserving! I know a few that did and I am HAPPY as HELL for them! I am just saying that Disney missed out on quite a few amazing and special people.... AGAIN! This is not my type of thing but many people i hold dear and close to me are into it so I support them! AGAIN I STATE: This is in no way shape or form saying that the 50 that made it are not deserving because I am sure that most of them are but, Disney has made an error passing up these kick ass folks In My Opinion! @TraciLeigh Honestly...... do I need to say more after a picture like that??
@DCanoli- Mama to two amazing boys and my favorite Frugal Peach!
@ShariJ- The most EPIC ROOM MATE ever and with a baby like that..... #SQUISH
@Shaene_O_Mite- Disney needs to kick themselves in the teeth for not taking Shaene! The dude is exactly what the Mom's Panel is all about! It is their loss cuz that means I get to spend more time with him :)
@MagicalMousecap- She ran the 5K in a Tiara.... a true Princess!!!!!
@JimGarth- Any man who wears a pink glittery tiara and walks around Disney with it on is ok in My book!!!!!

@DizneyDreamer- Dole Whip Addiction and all.... she has made her spot in the Disney community and Disney is FOOLISH to pass up on her! FOOLISH!!!!!!!!

There are a about 19,943 other people that I did not mention that I am sure deserved it as well. I am thoroughly disillusioned with the entire process and hope to god that Disney smartens up because, this year has opened a lot of eyes for people I think ,and while there will always be people applying, they need to re think who and why and how they do this process!!!!!!!!!!

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