Friday, June 15, 2012

Guest Post

I am turning my blog over to my favorite Frumpy White Guy today. My husband is a man of few words and he has a few to say about the fact that Sea World split from Anheuser Bush a few years ago and took away the Hospitality House and our favorite Meal......

What Happens When Good Theming Goes HORRIBLY HORRIBLY BAD

 I would preface all this by saying one thing: I LOVE CARBS especially pizza and pasta. 

 That being said I would just like to say that the Pizza and Pasta buffet is a big ball of fail at SeaWorld in Orlando.  When AnhueserInBev sold the Theme Parks that change was needed.  When the building was called the Hospitality House it had a fully functional Quick Service restaurant in the building that offered GREAT meal options one of which was the Beef Stew in a beer bread bowl which is one of the most filling option in ANY theme park quick service eatery.  What they have there now seems like a good idea, BUT the food is less than appetizing.  I am not sure how you can mess up basic pizza and pasta but it has been done.  The pasta was overcooked, the pizza was dry yet covered in sauce, and everything seemed to have been under a heat lamp for FAR too long.  

 Another place where they have dropped the ball is they had a merchandise location which again was fully functional yet has been ripped out and has now just been turned into additional seating.  Now I am always one to see less merch locations and more anything else.  But MORE seating no.  

 The Hospitality House has become anything but hospitable.  The building used to have a beer theme but also coincided with the overall theme of the park which was CONSERVATION.  There is ZERO of that now.  That is like taking the cornerstone out and grinding it for a leech field. 

 I REALLY wanted to love this new place to eat but I find it hard to stomach.

I Agree Love... I totally do!!!!!! 

I promise you all I will be back soon. IF you miss me ( which I doubt) I am always on Twitter ( @RoraBorieAlice) I am blogging at and You can always count on me for a hot book review on


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