Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Guest Blog/Giveaway- Author Lucianne Rivers

I have the EXTREME pleasure of turning over my blog to the amazing
Lucianne Rivers again! She is becoming one of my most favorite authors!!!!!!!
Welcome her and her release of Thrill Me today!

Thanks to this lovely woman I got to read an ARC a few weeks ago and was SO GLAD that there was more for me to read! LOL! It was no lie that I LOVED Hold Me and had wished that it was longer. This was Book Two in the Caldwell Sisters Series so, there was another story with another sister and might I say I liked Thrill Me more then I loved Hold Me!!!!!!!!
I am happy to welcome Lucianne back to my blog today!!!!!

Thanks so much, Aurora, for having me back!

I discovered something recently. Both Aurora and I have a love of tea. Coming from Ireland, I grew up drinking five cups a day. Irish tea is some of the strongest you'll find and is best served with milk (not lemon). My parents still mail me packets of Lyons or Barry's teabags so I can keep up my caffeinated habit while living in the United States.

But what, you ask, does tea have to do with romance writing? Well, nothing, apart from the fact that this romance writer needs caffeine to create. My romantic suspense series, HOLD ME, THRILL ME, ENTICE ME, from Entangled Publishing was written with the assistance of many Irish teabags, as I typed well into the night in order to finish in time for my deadlines.

I have a twenty-two month old daughter who goes to bed around eight pm, and so my writing has to be done post-bedtime. The downside of drinking a caffeinated beverage past three pm in the afternoon and staring at a laptop screen until midnight, is that sleep is elusive.

But there's always a cup of tea waiting in the morning when I wake up, to clear out the cobwebs.

And there's always the next romance to write.

In order to win a copy of HOLD ME and THRILL ME, please leave a tea-related comment (I kid you not) in the comment field.

Happy sipping!


  1. Congrats on the new release! Fabulous to learn more about you... I loved Ireland when I was there--brought some of the excellent tea back with me. :)

  2. Yay! So cute, Aurora. I can't wait for ENTICE ME to come out.

  3. I love tea too! Aurora is my #EpicRoomie, so if she loves the books, then I know I will too!!!!

  4. Congrats on new release the book sound interesting and the cover page is good i will suggest my friends to read this book.


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