Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guest Blog- Author Lucianne Rivers

Ladies ( and Boys who read romance novels ;) ) I am PROUD to turn over my blog to Author Lucianne Rivers today!
I was lucky enough to read her book Hold Me And I ADORED it!

Not only was it hot but the story was great! I finished it wishing it was longer to be honest ;) She writes with feeling and emotion! It was Steamy and Kept me wanting more! Loved it and Can not wait for there to be others!!!!!
So Please Welcome her and Show her some Love!

Thanks for having me Aurora!

Q) What is it that most romance novels have in common?
A) A super-hot man on the cover, usually with his shirt hanging open.

In my quest for real-life subjects to cast the heroes in my series of three novellas, HOLD ME, THRILL ME, KISS ME KILL ME, I joined a gym.

Alas, no shirtless men.

"Where are all the ripped guys?" I ask.
"They all leave town," is the answer I receive.

No, no. That cannot be, I think. Perhaps I am at the wrong gym?

Soon after, fate (not a quest for hot men) leads me to another fitness establishment that specializes in cross training and jiu jitsu.

Aha! There they all are.

Literally every second man who works out there has the body of a romance cover model and more than occasionally walks around sweaty and shirtless, or does the odd, oh, fifty or so pull-ups.


And now for my part. All my heroines are fit. I figure I'd better get in top shape if I'm going to meet Mr. Cover Model sometime. I wouldn't want to be hypocritical.

And so, in the pursuit of physical strength and fitness I write about my own semi-fictional heroes: Harrison, Adrian, and Robert, and their journey into love.

It's nice to have some actual humans to draw from, to know that while romantic heroes are fictional, they're not necessarily complete fantasy.

And if you think that's the case, you're probably going to the wrong gym!

I love this Chick! She is a funny one!!!!!!
You can connect with Miss Rivers as well
Via Her Website www.luciannerivers.com
Via Her Facebook Lucianne Rivers
Via Her Twitter @LucianneRivers
Now leave lots of comments and get your Tushies over to Amazon and Get the Book!
The Digital copy is 2.99 !!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!


  1. Nice interview, Aurora. It is a really great novella!

  2. Um, yeah... I really need to join your gym. :-)

  3. Congratulations on the novella Aurora! It sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. Great Interview. The novella sounds like a lot of fun. Congratulations, Lucianne.

  5. Just went to Amazon, and the summary looks awesome. Good luck with your book....and your gym scouring. : )

  6. Congrats! Happy Release Day! I've actually never been to a gym....so I wouldn't know!

  7. Forget gyms! The place to find the very fittest men is a professional soccer field. Yowza!

    I especially like when they mop their faces with the hems of their shirts. :)

  8. Hi Lucy--I may travel from Virginia to join your gym! Congratulations on the release of HOLD ME!


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