Saturday, December 11, 2010

Goin To TEXAS!!!!!!!!!

Ladies and Gents! Hubs and I are Going to TEXAS in April!!!! I have NEVER been and I am very excited! This will be the first plane trip that James and I have taken together ever! Which means The Vera and The Backpack wont cut it! Mama and Papa need some LUGGAGE ! I am, as we speak making a wish list on one of 's websites dedicated to Luggage !!!! I LOVE CSN Stores! What DON'T they have? I mean, they have over 200 website stores! From Luggage to fashion to furniture to board games and kids toys!

Hopefully James will go for something Purple and Festive but ;) we shall see! LOL ! I am thinking something roley ( rolley? rolly? whatever) that we can bring on the plane so we don't have to deal with the hassle of checking baggage.....I am thinking Luggage for my Birfday in January will be on the list :)

Take a trip over to and look at what they gots! Everything from Purses to Handbags to Laptop bags to Luggage to Big Suitcases!!! Che Chec Check it out :) !

STAY TUNED! Because I will be doing a Review in the coming weeks :P

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