Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sailing On The Disney Fantasy

Yall, I have taken some awesome vacations in my life but this Disney Cruise was the BEST THING EVER!
Let me give you a bit of the story about how this came to be!
One of my BFF's and Partners in Crime Shalon messaged me on October 18 saying she had just gotten an email with an amazing deal on a Disney Cruise. She knew that I had never cruised before and it was on my bucket list. I asked how amazing and when she told me, I knew that I had to make this work. The kicker was that it was sailing in 16 days!!! YEAH!!!!! So with some quick phone calls to James's Boss and a convo with my wonderful Boss, we were booked, along with the OTHER partner in Crime Shelley on  The Disney Fantasy for a 7 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise!! I could NOT BELIEVE THIS! I will say that booking 16 days out was well worth it because we only had a short time to wait. I can not IMAGINE people who book years out ... I would die of anticipation.
I spent those 16 days researching the ports and decorations for our doors, food options, excursions and everything DCL I could get my hands on! I broke my own rules and stalked the DisBoards ( who is I still cant stand. Bunch of crazies who refuse to let anyone have their own opinions) But I used it as reference of what to pack and what to expect!
This was also the FIRST Vacation James and I have EVER taken together. We have never been out of the state together except when we moved to Florida from New Hampshire. This was a huge deal to us!
So On November 2 we Shipped out of Port Canaveral on our First EVER Disney Cruise!!! Here are some of my most favorite pictures of the cruise!!
 The First of MANY Free Soft Serve cones! I was a fan of Strawberry, with a small shot of chocolate topped with Vanilla! 11-11 daily... amazing
 The Sail Away Party!
 Minnie and Mickey Nautical #SWOON~~~ I bought their Plushies because I could not resist!
 Artists Palette was out first and last night and one of my personal favorites!
 The first sunrise on the took my breath away and I cried a little!

 My Frumpy Handsome Husband!
 Glorious Ocean!!!
 Formal Night!
 St. Thomas! OMG... coming into the Harbor was a top ten moment for me! It is such a beautiful place
 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME! I got a Clasp that reminds me of the Island Flowers and this Mickey Anchor charm that you can ONLY get on the ships! I LOVE them both and I have a wonderful husband!
 Lunch in St. Thomas at this tiny hole in the wall place. 6.50 for all this AMAZING food.... so delish
 Tourism Oriented Policing... that was a new one for me!
 My Beautiful Ship~!!!!!! Yes Mine :)
 James and I found a Hookah bar in St. Thomas and spent a few hours there enjoying ourselves! Melon is my new favorite flavor. This little girl's Mom works there and she because enamored with James and I and asked us all sorts of question about our lived and INSISTED on sitting between us and being the go between for the hookah pipe! Miss Amal was a riot!!! and So Pretty!
 St. Thomas looked like a Post Card
 Our ADORABLE Door!!!!! My Favorite Blogger Designer Kelsey designed our name plates and the Duffy Hole! I was so glad we did this because it made finding the room much easier lol

 This may or may not be my next tattoo.... I am so enamored with this Mickey Anchor! It blends what I adore!
 The Teen Kids Flash mobbed the boat at the Pirate Dance party with Dances! It was awesome!
 Our Welcome Party in Puerto Rico because we were the FIRST Disney Cruise Line ship to come into port.
 Me at the Walk of Presidents with a Certain Fella.....
 YEAH BUDDY!! Bacardi Factory Tour!

 Some random Beach in PR lol.
 The waves were a ROCKING
 The LARGEST Iguana was just chillin at the Cristobol Ruins
 You can see our pretty ship behind us!
The View was amazing!
Consider this Part 1. I have a Bunch more pictures but
I only have so many on my flash drive at the moment

Monday, October 22, 2012


Y'all have NO IDEA

So one of my bffs Shalon messages me on Thursday saying she got the rates for Family and Friends Cast Member Disney Cruises.. and I was like omg because last year she took her parents for SUPER CHEAP!
I told her to go look and get back to me!

Needless to say, an hour later, Shalon, James, Shelley and I were booked for a
which is the NEWEST of the Disney Boats!
We booked 16 days out and got SUCH an amazing deal. I am still blown away at this whole thing! I never thought we would be able to afford a cruise but thanks to a great cast member friend and a few amazing bffs, we are totally pulling this off.
We will be celebrating My and James's 5yr/8yr Anniversary as well as My, Shalon and Shelley's 2 year Friendaversary while on the boat!
We are doing the Eastern Caribbean Cruise. Which means we get to go to St. John/St. Thomas and Puerto Rico! As well as Disney's own private Island Castaway Cay!
All I have done for the past 4 days is read cruise trip reports and *gasp* the Dis Boards looking for Door decoration ideas and such.... I am SOSOSOSOSOSO excited!
The girls and I spend the days Whats Apping back and forth about what we want to do and how to dress and decorate.
James keeps asking for the countdown ;)
it is 12 days in case you were wondering ;)
So far the only excursion James and I have booked is the Bacardi factory tour :)
If you have any advice, I would LOVE to hear it.....
I am just SO excited!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday James

Today is a VERY important day.... it is the Birthday of my FAVORITE frumpy white guy! 
 Our Wedding Day ( 5 Years in November Yo) 
 Special Olympics Volunteering
 Sea World
 Izzo Wedding
 Mathews Wedding
 FROZEN VoluntEARing
 My Birthday a few years ago
 My Prince!
 His Birthday last year! lol he ALMOST held up SSE
 Mick Foley and a Sailor at MNSSHP
 Valentine's Day! 

 Gatorland like a Boss

 The First Day We Met!
 He is MY Daim Firklover!!!
 Crazy Cat Lady and Magnum P.I.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES!!!!! Thank you for putting up with my VAST array of bullshit and loving me no matter what. We aren't perfect but, we are who we are. Without you I am empty and my life is no fun. Happy 34th Birthday Iverson !!!!!!